Creator Of The First Printing Press (Full Stephen Fry Documentary)

The Machine That Made Us is a documentary in which Stephen Fry examines the story behind the first media entrepreneur, printing press inventor Johann Gutenberg, to find out why he did it and how, a story that involves both historical inquiry and hands-on craft and technology. Fry travels across Europe to find out how Gutenberg kept his development work secret, about the role of avaricious investors and unscrupulous competitors and why Gutenberg’s approach started a cultural revolution. He then sets about building a copy of Gutenberg’s press

How Does The Offset Lithographic Printing Process Work?

The design of the image and text is laser etched and transferred onto multiple sheets of aluminum called the Press Plate. One-Press Plate is mounted to a cylinder in each Printing Unit.

This Heidelberg machine has six Printing Units – each Unit prints one color. Colour printing typically uses ink of four colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – known as the color model CMYK.

The stack of paper is lifted into position, a sheet-separation unit separates the paper with jets of air or a vacuum to ensure that only one sheet is sent through the press at any one time.

As the Press Plate rotates, its first point of contact is the Dampening Unit. This has a mixture of water and other chemicals and dampens the non-image area of the Press Plate.

The Press Plate then passes the Inking Unit, starting from the Ink Fountain the ink will pass through multiple rollers called a Roller Train, which then sticks to the image area of the Press Plate.

It is next passed to the Blanket Cylinder, which squeezes the water and the inked image area is picked up.

The Press Plate is then passed to the final cylinder called the Impression Cylinder. The paper runs between the Impression Cylinder and Blanket Cylinder pressing the image onto the paper.

The paper will then run through the Transfer Drums. Each cylinder is equipped with grippers that pick up the paper from the previous cylinder and transfer it to the next.

Color Separation in illustrator

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