•Explain the basic concepts of DBMS.
•Evolution of database technology.
•Identify the characteristics of the database approach.
•Identify advantages of using the DBMS approach.

Basic Definition

•Database : A collection of related data.
•Data : Know facts that can be recorded and have an implicit meaning.
•Mini-world: Some part of the real world about which data is stored in a database. For example, student grades and transcripts at a university.
•Database Management System(DBMS) : A software package/system to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a computerized database.
•Database System: The DBMS software together with the data itself. Sometimes, the applications are also included.
Basic Definition

Types of databases and database applications

•Traditional database applications.
•Multimedia Databases.
•Geographical Information System(GIS).
•Data Warehouse and On-Line Analytical Processing(OLAP).

Evolution of database Technology

  • Early Database Application: The Hierarchical and Networking Models were introduced in mid 1960’s and dominated during the seventies. A bulk of the worldwide database processing still occurs using these models.
  • Relational Model based Systems: The model that was originally introduced in 1970 was heavily researched and experimented with IBM and universities. Relational DBMS Products emerged in the 1980’s.

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