01- Introduction to graphics
•Raster graphics
•Vector graphics

Graphic design: Graphic design is a creative profession that has become vital to business and media all over the world. Art directors and graphic designers, who must have hands-on abilities in the fine art sdrawing, painting or sculpture and strong computer expertise, use advanced hardware and software to create advertisements, packaging, promotional materials, Internet projects and other vehicles that allow businesses and manufacturers to visually display their products and services. Computer Graphics: Computer graphics is an exciting creative profession that has transformed the fields of television, film, animation and the Internet. Computer graphics specialists produce new and traditional media content that reflects the emergence of developing technologies such as universal broadband access. Computer Graphics professionals combine expertise in advanced computer hardware and software with a strong sense of aesthetic vision, creativity and artistic skill. Mainly Computer Graphic divided in to two main categories as Raster Graphics and Vector graphics

•Raster graphics

Raster graphics, also called bit-map graphics, a type of digital image that uses tiny rectangular pixels, or picture elements, arranged in a grid formation to represent an image. Because the format can support a wide range of colours and depict subtle graduated tones, it is well-suited for displaying continuous-tone images such as photographs or shaded drawings, along with other detailed images. Bitmap images are resolution dependent. Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image and is usually stated as dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch).

•Raster graphics

Because bitmaps are resolution dependent, it’s difficult to increase or decrease their size without sacrificing a degree of image quality. When you reduce the size of a bitmap image through your software’s resample or resize command, you must throw away pixels. When you increase the size of a bitmap image through your software’s resample or resize command, the software has to create new pixels. When creating pixels, the software must estimate the color values of the new pixels based on the surrounding pixels. This process is called interpolation. Raster Graphic Programs
•Adobe Photoshop
•Corel Photo Paint
•Ms Paint
•Photo Studio

•Raster graphics
Advantage of Raster Graphics
•Bitmaps are very easy to create. Take a picture with a digital camera, or scan something in, and you’ve got one.
•Bitmaps are fairly simple to output, as long as your RIP or printer has sufficient memory.
•They are very cost effective. You can take a picture or scan in a drawing, and easily show it on the Internet or send in an email.
•A bitmap image uses solid color pixels, which can be identified and recolored easily.
• The geographic location of each cell is implied by its position in the cell matrix. Accordingly, other than an origin point, e.g. bottom left corner, no geographic coordinates are stored.

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