Learning OutcomesThe student will be able to:
• Explain Graphics applications
• Describe the hardware dependency and requirements for graphic software
• How different platforms(Apple, Windows ) effects graphic quality
• Differentiate Raster & vector graphics
• Select suitable layout
• Apply correct Drawing tools
• Select suitable color types (RGB and CMYK)
• Design the suitable art work
• Edit an image using correct editing tools
• Use the correct file formats
• Select the suitable printing material
• Print the design using suitable method
• Able to manage graphic project
• Able to prepare cost estimate
• Observe ethics & norms in graphic industry
Learning Content / TopicsIntroduction to graphics
• Raster graphics
• Vector graphics
• Designing concepts
• Designing layouts
Page design
• Drawing Tools
• Color Types
• Image Editing
Applying colour
Photo editing
• Image Types & File formats
• Import and Export functions in graphic applications
• Printing Technology
Paper selection & other printing materials
Color separation methods
Printing Methods
• Graphic Industry and business
Multimedia graphics
Motion picture graphics
• Copyrights, Ethics and Plagiarism
• Preparation of Estimates and Budgets
• Planning Project Proposal
• Managing Graphic Projects
Equipment, Tools &
• Graphics Software eg. Adobe graphics collection package
• Macintosh or IBM compatible PCs which can run graphics software efficiently.
• Color printers, scanners
• Digital printers, offset printers (Industry)
• Plate maker, Paper cutter etc. (Industry)
• MS Office / Open Office software package

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