Learning OutcomesThe student will be able to:
• Explain the importance of ICT tools in promoting the productivity of the organization
• Describes the purpose of establishing ICT tools and strategies in enhancing the performance at workplace
• Apply Information skills to enhance the productivity of the organization
Learning Content /
• Identification of documentation requirements
• Selecting and/or collecting required documentation
• Documentation procedures and methods
• Completing /perfecting documentation
• Reading, interpreting and using equipment/system manuals and specifications
• Interpretation of all applicable laws, policies and procedures relevant to enterprise
• Computer and information system usage

• Mathematical Modelling
• Data Collection Techniques for Market Research
• The range of analytical techniques appropriate for analysis of information
• The influence of human factors on information analysis
• Conducting and recording of performance evaluations
Resources: Equipment, Tools & MaterialsOccupational Tools, Instruments, Equipment, material
• Documents on Company policies and procedures
• Calculator
• Computer
• MIS resources
• Software used for information purposes
• Equipment/system manuals and specifications
• Safety signs
• Safety procedures
• Forecasting Software
• Variety of forms, formats used in the organization
Instructional Tools, Instruments, Equipment, material
• Multimedia projector
• Screen
• Flash cards
• Flip charts
• Permanent and white board markers
• Overhead projector
• Printer
• Transparencies
• Colour Printer and scanner
• Safety manuals
• Safety illustrations

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