Learning OutcomesThe student will be able to:
Explain data structures and algorithms
Identify Object Oriented Concepts
Identify difference between structured programming and OOP
Explain GUI principles and design
Explain Error handling techniques
Explain Database connectivity techniques
Learning ContentsIdentify Basic Syntax
1.1 Explain the Concepts of Programming
1.2 Data structures and algorithms
Identify Class & Object
2.1 Identify Class & Object
2.2 Identify Array
Object Oriented Concepts
3.1 Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Binding etc..
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
4.1 Identify Windows Form
4.2 Identify Event Processing
4.3 Perform Menu Creation
4.4 Perform Dialog Creation
4.5 Design user logins and privilege management
Stream and exception handling
5.1 Implement Stream class utilization
5.2 Implement Exception handling
Database Processing
6.1 Database connectivity (ODBC, JDBC)
6.2 Understand and explain Outline of ADO.NET
6.3 Develop ADO.NET programming
IDE, Source code management tool (eg. Visual Source Safe [VSS])
Equipment, Tools &
• Personal computer / computers with standard operating system
• Network server / servers capable of running database management system
• Relevant operating system installation CDs
• A network setup and a connection
• Relevant documentation such as user manuals, installation manuals
• Requirement specifications, application software
• Software – Visual Studio Development Pack, Java, VB.NET, C, C++, C#,
Prescribed Texts and/or ReferencesObject Oriented Software Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Software Engineering Theory & Practice
• Object Oriented & Classical Software Engineering
• Fundamentals of Software Engineering
• Java Database Development
• Software Engineering with Java
• Object Oriented Programming with C++ LAND Java
• Programming for everyone in Java
• Java 2 in 21 days
• HTML and Java Script Programming Concepts
• Java 2 by Example
• Learn Java Script in a week end
• Java Server Pages in 24 hours
• Programming with Java
• C# in 21 days
• Beginning.NET Web Services Using C#
• C# How to Program
• C# Programming Black Book
• Microsoft Visual C# 2005 n 24 hours www.microsoft.com/msdn, www.php.org

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