System analysis and design_MODULE DESCRIPTOR

Learning OutcomesTo enable the students to:
Definition of a system
Introduction to System Analysis and Design
Requirement gathering and fact finding techniques
Data Modeling Techniques
Object oriented system design
System Requirement Specification
Learning Content / TopicsDefinition of a system
• Organizational Structure and chart
• Why System analysis
• Role of a system analyst
Introduction to System Analysis and Design
• Introduction to system development methodologies
(eg. Water fall, spiral, Rapid application Development (RAD))
Requirement gathering and fact finding techniques
• Domain knowledge and introduction to business fundamentals
• Interviews
• Questionnaires
• Site observations
• Record reviews
Data Modeling Techniques
• Flow charts
• Context Diagrams (Level 0 DFD diagram)
• Level 1 and 2 Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)
Object oriented system design
• Use cases,
• Activity diagrams,
• Sequence diagrams,
• collaboration diagrams,
• class diagrams,
• state diagrams
System Requirement Specification (SRS documentation)
• Purpose
• Scope planning
• System overview
• Functional and non-functional requirements
• User interfaces
• Hardware requirements
• Data flow diagrams
• Other requirements –eg. Handling change requests etc.
• Terms of References (ToR)
• Cost benefit analysis
Prototype Development and presentation
Equipment, Tools &
• Personal computer / computers with standard operating system
• Network server / servers capable of running database management system
• Relevant operating system installation CDs
• A network setup and a connection
• Relevant documentation such as user manuals, installation manuals
• Requirement specifications, application software
Prescribed Texts and/or References• Object Oriented Software Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Software Engineering Theory & Practice

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